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4 Things You Must Have For Your Ministry This Year

Finding, Following and Finishing a God Given Vision For Your Life

The story of Nehemiah is an incredible example of hearing and responding to the leading of God.  Nehemiah was not a pastor or a priest, he was a regular guy, employed by the local government who felt God call him to something bigger.  It is hard for all of us at different times to hear and respond to God’s call.  We are busy, distracted and sometimes just plain old selfish and refuse to listen to God.  However, when we hear and respond to God, even with all of our short comings, God moves in powerful ways.


4 Things For This Year

1. The Right Priorities: We all need a Sad Face! Nehemiah was shaken to the core when he heard of the brokenness of God’s people and the city (Neh. 1:1-7). This is ministry passion and calling.  Nehemiah was a cup bearer to the king.  To be sad in the king’s presence meant certain death and yet he risked it all to respond to God – to God’s priorities.  What makes you hurt inside and compels you to act and even risk your life? This is having the right priorities.  Question(s) to ask yourself: What is God stirring in my heart right now?  Do my priorities in life line up with God’s?

2. The Right Prayer:  Our priorities and passions will lead us to prayer (Neh. 1:5).  Not just any prayer, but humble dependent prayer.  A humble understanding of who you are in light of God’s greatness. As well as a realization that without God nothing is possible.  Question to ask yourself: What is my hearts posture in prayer regarding this thing God has shown me?

3. The Right Plan: For Nehemiah the blessing of the King depended on a good plan. Nehemiah sent letters, rallied support and resources and then got to work. If his plan was shaky, or ill-conceived it would have never flied with the king. What’s your plan for ministry this year? Is it strategic and well thought through?  Question(s) to ask yourself: Do I have a plan, inspired by The Spirit, that will accomplish what God has laid on my heart? IS IT A GOOD PLAN?

4. The Right People on Your Team: Assess where you are at with your team and what areas of your team need to be addressed. You will need 2 things: 1. Identify the positions you need to fill and think about people who would fit well in that role. 2. Schedule Time/margin to invest in relationships and build your team.  We often skip this step thinking that we have a good plan so we get right to work.  However, not having the right people on your team can not only set you back, it can stop the work altogether.  Question(s) to ask yourself: Do I have the right people around me to accomplish what God is calling me to do? Who are the people I need to invite to be a part of my team or dream?

Lastly… Once you have the right priorities, prayer, plan and people… Get to work! It took Nehemiah 52 days and the job was finished! Now that is some good planning, good people and hard work all empowered by the Holy Spirit.

What concepts or ideas help you frame your approach and priorities to ministry?  Let me know…

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