So that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything!

Spiritual Growth is a Journey Rooted in Relationships

Who’s Growing With You?

Is emotional and spiritual growth a solo journey? So much of our traditional encouragement from church leaders is to make the goal a consistent quiet time alone with God.  Now, for sure there is no substitute for getting alone with Jesus for knowing Him and transforming our lives.  Yet a life alone with Jesus that does not affect the lives of others is not faithful to the Gospel.  We have an obligation to not only walk with Jesus, but to walk with Jesus with others.

Think about it for a minute… do you recall an epic story or movie with a main character who travels alone and enjoys great success?  Not really.  What comes to mind for me is The Lord of the Rings or, The Hobbit – stories of unlikely heroes setting out on a great journey, accompanied by supportive people (or a wizard a dwarf and an elf) who help protect and ensure the journey is a success.

The spiritual life and journey is very similar.  In order grow healthy and strong spiritually and emotionally you will need a good group of people to join you.  These aren’t perfect people… they are people who love you and believe in the cause of personal spiritual growth.

I have also noticed that trips/vacations are always better when you have someone you love, or like a lot, along for the ride.  It makes the time go by faster and the hard times more bearable.  Spiritual and emotional growth is the same way.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE PEOPLE ON THE JOURNEY WITH YOU! 

Life Coaching Experience


Recently I went down to Mariners Church to begin a year long journey of growth with 2 other pastor     friends.  The program is called LCE or The Life Coaching Experience.  It is a personal development program instructed by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend.  One of the most helpful things we have learned together is that you have to have a team around you in order to be successful.  You need coaches that will train and teach you skills and comrades that will journey with you and hold you accountable for the goals and dreams that you have set for your life.

So Who’s On Your Team?

Who holds you to your goals and dreams?  Who cares enough about you that they take a vested interest in your success and growth?  If you do not have those people, chances are that you will very quickly run out of focus, energy and the essential accountability you need to grow and become complete (mature and complete, not lacking anything – James 1).

So how do you find these people?

  1. Start by identifying the areas you want to grow.  Possible areas could be: Parenting, emotional health, spiritual growth or professional development.
  2. Compile a list of people and/or authors you know are experts in that area.  Once you have identified the area, ask yourself, “who can help me in this area?”  Is it a coach you need or a comrade?  I would suggest anywhere from 3-5 people total.  Add to more to your team as you master one of the areas.
  3. Ask them to join your team.  Now some of them you may have to pay, especially if they fall into the coach category.  Others will be happy to join your team if you share  with them your vision and lay out clear expectations for how much time you need.  I would suggest asking an appropriate amount of time for each person.  For example, 30-45 minutes every month for a mentor or coach and 30 minutes a week (or every other week) for a comrade.

This will take time, so don’t lose heart.  Find some great people to journey with and set out!

What coaches and comrades do you currently need?  I would love to hear from you.

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