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The Blessing of Time: How to Appreciate and View Time

Too often we fear time instead of seeing time as a blessing.  We hate waiting for just about everything – or maybe that’s just me.  Recently, I sat in a waiting room for over an hour to have a doctor see my son for something very minor…  It was excruciating!

I know I’m not the only one, our culture says things like… “I’m running out of time…” “there just not enough time in the day…” “Who has time for that?” and “Time is just not on my side.”  Many things I have found myself saying over and over again and yet maybe I am/we are missing the blessing God has for us all.


The Blessing of Time: How to Appreciate and View Time

How to view time as a blessing

Ephesians 5:16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

Our issues with time are largely connected to our fears.  Deep down inside we feel we are “losing” whatever it is we have expected ourselves to do or be.  We are to understand that our days are “evil” or useless, unless we redeem them and view them as opportunities to be enjoyed.  So how can we view and appreciate time we have been given?

Psalm 84:5 Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. NIV

Here is a description of hearts set on a journey toward the place where God is or lives.  It is a heart that experiences time as opportunity, even a blessing.  Now, we know that God is not contained or restrained to a singular place, however some interpret this phrase as “pilgrimage to Jerusalem or Zion” which is essentially the presence of God, or the place where God dwells.

Remember the greater context of this Psalm is the psalmist’s desire to dwell in the presence of God.  He even says that he would not exchange one day in the presence of God for a thousand anywhere else.  Time to him is a blessing; not something to fear.

2 Ways to Appreciate and View Time

1. Make the most of the time you have been given. Instead of viewing your time and life as a negative, or as something that is running out… view it as a gift that you can only enjoy and appreciate for that moment.  So, whether it is that last hour of work on a Friday or if it is just a short moment God gives you with a loved one… embrace it and make it as memorable as possible.

Likewise, invest the time you do have in the most redemptive and meaningful ways possible.  This doesn’t mean just being busy.  And for crying out loud, STOP MULTITASKING!!!  Somehow we’ve got this idea that to be good at multitasking means we are productive and highly effective human beings (texting and driving or checking Facebook and playing with our kids to name two).  The reality is that we have lost touch with the moment and being able to appreciate and view time as a blessing and privilege given by our loving creator.

2. Picture life as a journey; not an event.  One day, for all who love and follow Jesus, we will arrive at our destination.  For now, enjoy the blessing of time to get to know God and others.  When a young couple gets married we are interested in what circumstances brought them together and not just the fact that they are now together.  You are on a journey and every event and detail matters and is important.  This also means that every personal relationship that you and I have has been for a purpose, even if they were harmful or destructive.  Enjoy the good and look back on the bad with gracious and appreciative eyes.

In what ways have you experienced time as a blessing?  Is The Lord your strength and is your heart set (even fixed) on the journey toward God?  What things keep you from viewing time as a blessing?  I would love to hear from you!

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